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Default Re: Trick 2.0 Universal Drive Shaft - for Tama. Yamaha & etc.

Hi, the most incredible thing happened to me.
I tried this shaft on my Yamaha 9410 double pedal, no problem. But noticed that the screws were really hard to screw in. So I took care not to overtighten them risking to snap the screw heads.
Well, later that day I fitted the shaft to my dw 9000 double pedal with the same care and don't you think I managed to snap not only one but two screws!

So I bought this used of a guy on ebay and now you know what to look out for... The screws might be of inferior quality (if mine are original)
Anyway, it's solid with no play whatsoever. Just be prepared to never again be able to fold together your double pedal.
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