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Default Re: What replacement head is most like the stock Sonor Safari Kick drum head?

Originally Posted by drum4fun27302 View Post
You'll have to see if the 16 bd has wood hoops and clamps (as a bd) or a metal one (as a floor Tom ). One head won't fit on the other type and vice versa .
I have a yamaha Rick Marotta hip gig and use a Aquarian super 2 with a remo "muffled" thingy (only use the plasticky part without the foam). Had to do that because I couldn't find a pre muffled 16 floor tom head . Hope that helps.
The hoops are metal, but they are in the shape of regular bass drum hoops, so it needs a bass drum head. I did experiment with a regular 16 tom head and it worked on the Safari, but the fit was not as good as with the thicker ring on a bass drum specific head. I'm not sure if it would hold up to regular playing.
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