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Default Re: DW 7000 dbl bass at GC

Yea Rouge, that's a great price for a new double pedal. I think I got my singles for 79.99 each IIRC.

I have 2 - DW 3000 pedals. I think they are a fine pedal. To me, it feels like a 5000. I've been playing the same 5000 since 2003, and I never even think about it. The 3000's have an achilles heel, but the good news is it's easily corrected for free basically. I actually broke a hinge on my 3000. Well my son did. The casting cracked. I was able to get a replacement hinge at GC for 12 USD. When I went to install it, I realized why the hinge casting snapped. Basically, it's floating in mid air. The 3000's have a floor plate, and you can see daylight between the bottom of the hinge and the floor plate. So when I installed the new hinge, I simply wedged and secured some wood between the hinge and the floor plate, so the hinge is supported and isn't floating anymore. I did that to my second pedal too. Now I never expect to have any issues with that pedal.

I did see one comment about the 3000 that if you bury the beater, the vibrations get transferred to the footboard pretty easily compared to IC's. But I rebound the beater so it works great for me.
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