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Default Re: DW 7000 dbl bass at GC

The 7000's (now called the 3000s) are pretty much what 5000's were in the late 90's, just without the delta hinge. The newer 5000's have a few upgrades over the 7000, but nothing significant. Add some Delta hinges to yours and you have pretty much the same pedal for less $$.

I actually like the slimmer heel piece on the 7000s more than the bulky 5000/9000 design.

Good pedal for the money.

Originally Posted by rogue_drummer View Post
Last weekend I bought a used DW 7000 double bass pedal I saw at GC.

I had been wanting a double bass pedal and had a $50 GC gift card, so I thought "why not"? After looking it over and asking several basic quesions about maintenance, I bought it on layaway. It seemed like it was in great condition.

What's the word on DW 7000's?

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