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Default Roland SPD-SX Sampling vs. Octapad SPD-30 Phrasing, etc.

First, I have indeed been researching, and used the search function on this forum. ;-)

I'm not sure I understand the difference between the sampling and phrasing functions. Can some please clarify this for me?

FWIW, my interest in one of these was originally to replace a vintage Simmons setup that I have incorporated into my acoustic setup. Being that the Simmons brain I have only allows for playing it like drums, I THOUGHT I just wanted something more compact and included more kit sounds. But, now that I know that these Roland units will allow me to lay (or import) tracks, for lack of a better term, and playing to and/or over them, either on the pads or on the acoustics, I am seeing more options. Perhaps a backing track on another instrument could be helpful at some point on some material at a full-band gig or something?

I am aware that the SPD-30 has double the sounds now, with the new firmware flash, so I am wondering if I am better off with this model. Sampling is something I am not familiar with, albeit it may only be the term itself that I am not clear about. Phrasing sounds the same as Sampling, in my mind.

Also, can they both be used as "clicks", too?

I have read reviews where people said the Octapad's pads feel more "playable", and I am aware that the SX has only two external trigger options, while the 30 has 4. Does this mean I can actually ADD 2 and 4 external triggers, respectively? If so, I would think I can simply add my old Simmons kickpad for a kick trigger, and other pads as toms or something (if I wanted to), right?

If so, does that mean that on either model I can program each pad to have whatever sound I want? For example, if I select kit preset 42 on the Octapad, can I say I want the left bottom pad as the snare, the left top pad be closed hi-hat, the other 3 tops as cymbals, and the bottom 3 pads be toms? And do something similar on the SX?

Wouldn't that mean that I can also actually use either of these modules as a drum kit altogether, if I wanted to, for special applications, like maybe rehearsal, or small gigs, or whatever?

What about sounds? Can I have bass or keys sounds on the Octapad via a memory card/stick/... or via a flash of the firmware, or whatever? Or is that possible only on the SX?

I guess I want a drum pad first, with options to have backing "tracks" or loops. if possible, and have it be gig-friendly, as well as play it like a kit if I want to.

Thanks to anyone.
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