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Default Re: A tale of two Iron Cobras

Originally Posted by longgun View Post
How did the show go? The pedals worked well?
The show went ok! I have been super sick lately and the cold meds I am on did not allow me to perform at my best. That being said here is my take from playing it last night:

1. After sound check I added a little more spring tension.
2. The pedal felt really solid and playing quick doubles and so forth was straight forward with plenty of authority and no issues.
3. My foot was only slightly tired after our set - that is to say vs. the power glide a slight difference in overall effort over a long set
4. On some of our usual crowd pleasing numbers where I really laid into my pedal it felt every much as powerful as the power glide.

Overall I am very happy with the rolling glide. To be honest I play a lot of very fast notes with my foot to compensate for lack of a double pedal and to make my fills easier. Where I had to really dial in my power glide over time to me the rolling glide was more or less ready to go out of the box.
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