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Default Re: A tale of two Iron Cobras

Originally Posted by AirborneSFC View Post
If any of you guys are in the Raleigh NC and want to do a gig or two with my rolling glide I am totally down. I am just like everyone else; just want the most bang for my buck. I play a two hour gig tonight with my Rolling Glide and I will let you guys know how it goes. This show is mainly covers with some originals so its a good indicator of how it will work out over a wide range of music. In practice my foot still felt equally relaxed and not worn out.
That is a very cool offer to your fellow drummers Airborne! I'm not near there but that's cool of you to offer. I hope the gig went well for you and that the pedal worked ok.

I wonder if Guitar Center would allow someone to "rent" a few pedals of their choice, like the ones on the floor for display. I wish I could try a handful of pedals to see what fits me. Part of me wonders how the DW 5000 and 9000 are and I also would love to check out the Mapex Raptor and even the new Falcon. I actually thought about buying the Raptor at first but instead went with the IC PG. I was just really skeptical about the quality of the Raptor so I chose not to buy it.

Don't mean to hijack or turn this thread into a pedal comparison thread, sorry.
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