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Default Re: What replacement head is most like the stock Sonor Safari Kick drum head?

Originally Posted by bobdadruma View Post
A PS3 or PS4 is going to be close.

The PS4 is 2 ply so it won't dent as easily.
I use a coated PS3 on my 16" Safari bass drum for a batter head with a thin Fiberskyn as a reso.

I just looked in my storage area, I have the stock Safari batter that I took off of my drum after about an hour of playing it.
I will give it to you if you pay the shipping. PM me and give me your address and email if interested. I will send you a PayPal bill for the shipping.
Thanks for the offer, but I think I'll go ahead and try the Powerstroke. Any tips on who might stock them? The usual suspects (GC, MF, SA don't have anything smaller than an 18").
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