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Default Re: What's your favorite ice cream?

Originally Posted by BlueSky View Post
Baskin Robbins - double scoop of Daiquiri Ice and Rainbow Sherbet. That was my go to as a kid, but they don't make the Daiquiri Ice anymore. *sigh*
The one by me still makes Daiquiri Ice... just got it a couple weeks ago. Try the other locations! They didn't have Lemon Custard, though, which is very unfortunate.

I think my favorite ice cream flavor ever was a promotional Baskin Robbins X-Men flavor from almost 10 years ago. They had it for a few weeks. In that short period, I got a scoop of it, loved it, and then an ice cream cake with it for my birthday. Thanks, grandma! I sure wish I could eat it just one more time. Otherwise, lime sherbet (I know it's not technically ice cream) over anything else.
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