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Default Updating my Yamaha DTXplorer

Hello, before I start about i'd like to share some backgroud story about me and my "drumming". About 6 years ago I got Yamaha dtxplorer set from my brother because he didn't need it anymore. In these six years I have played them like 1 hour per week. I wasn't interested about them, just played when I felt like it . But in these recent 3 months I have got REALLY interested about starting playing drums more serious. I know basics and know how to play, I just wasn't never really passionated about playing drums but now I have this "I must need to go home and try to play this thing, and I want to improve". Last week I went to local music shop just to see have electronic drum changed much in these six years, I played many of those new sets and find out that they felt much better to play.
So to the real problem: I want to upgrade my yamaha set, to make it more better to play, I don't have thousands to spend on them but what I would like to improve:

-Get more cymbals, like 2 crashes and ride, now i have just 2 cymbal spots in my module.
So seems like I need to buy new module, what you recommend guys?
-New snare, I have looked this one what you think about this?
-Also double pedal, this one

I know all of these are the cheapest ones, but I don't have so much money to put on drums at this moment. So tell me your opinions about what I should by and why.

English is not my native language so hopefully you understand what I mean. Thanks everyone!:)
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