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Default Re: Impossible to find driven musicians that's not already pro?

Originally Posted by dazzlez View Post
Seems the biggest problem in most bands is their lack of goals and drive to become pro's.

I've always taken every hobby I do to a professional level with a 4-8 hour daily practice routine and a goal to be able to do it at a professional standard.

I remember myself always being let down in a team situation and now when my drumming is ready to start interacting with other musicians I just realize what I've got myself into... Another team activity that will never reach the top or anywhere close with only me giving 110% of my time and effort. I've never found anyone else in a team with me that's been working as hard as me.

Now with music it seems like a lot of people doesn't even see it as a skill they need to work on every day to perfect.

Any tips on how to find driven people that also practice/work on new material at least 4 hours a day while having a normal day job and more if they don't work/study...

Right now I don't care that much, I'm still in a "getting experience stage". Still taking lessons and just jam and play in bands for the knowledge. When I feel good enough I will seek out to musicians that have nothing else in their life than music but I already dreading it... will probably never find a whole band of dreamers that actually put in the practice to become pro. I guess maybe the best way to do it is to find a already successful band that needs a drummer and just try to be of so high standard that they choose me. Would be more fun to work together up from scratch though.

note: I don't care about making it big time or even be able to pay my bills in the future I realize it's not only hard work but luck/contacts as well. But I do care if the music is not really awesome and great! That's success for me, being one of the tightest bands right now and it's not a impossibility just a matter of finding the right people (crazy, highly intelligent dreamers without a family & stressful job that's willing to sacrifice their lives for the art) well maybe it is impossible to find those people =/
There's a word for "intellegent dreamers,without a family and a stressful job,that are willing to sacrifice their lives for art,and people not able to pay their bills...........The're called homeless.

You need to eat,you need to sleep somewhere other than a cardboard box..

You need to interact with family and other people,that aren't musicians,besides the police.

Not making it,in a way that allows you to play music and pay the bills,is the opposite of success.

You can teach,play in commercial/cover bands,wedding bands,make some money and still play for the sake of playing in another band,that dosen't make money,but makes art for the sheer joy of it.

Practicing 4-8 hours a day,is no longer a hobby,it's a job.How do you support yourself right now?Do you work at all?

Don't confuse music as art,and not making money at it,as prereq. to success.Pride go before the fall.

There's nothing wrong with setting the bar high as far as honing your abilities,but there's also reality to deal with,and it's right outside your door.

Steve B

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