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Default Re: Fender Passport 500 Pro Portable PA

The Passport 500 Pro runs $900USD. It came as a package deal from Music 123 with 2 free speaker pole stands.
I bought the 10"JBL powered sub on eBay as factory reconditioned for $160USD.
I added a NADY PM 200-A powered monitor with a heavy duty tripod stand for $210USD. The stand puts the monitor at chest level when I sit at my kit.
I use the Nady when I gig even when I am not using the Passport.
Helpful hint, I needed a travel bag for the Nady monitor. I bought a fur lined bass pedal bag from Protection Racket. The Nady fits perfectly in the pedal bag along with the needed cables.

This system also doubles as my home stereo system. I have a Bluetooth receiver that allows me to send audio from my laptop to the Passport wirelessly.
If we play at a small venue I bring the Passport because it is the right tool for the job. The Passport isn't prone to feedback as easily as many other PA systems so we can put the speakers behind us high up on the poles and then the singers don't need a monitor. Sometimes we put a small powered monitor in front of the singer if there is space.
I kind of like old drums:)

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