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Default Re: Sabian Cymbal Vote 2014 - Live!

Even though I'm not playing much jazz anymore the only one that really interests me is the Smoky Ride. Nice tone, and a pretty wide array of sounds possible.

I agree that Sabian is suddenly really pushing the crash-ride options, which is sorta nice since they spent a little too long filling up their lines with medium-heavy ping monsters but I still feel like they're neglecting a musical, versatile medium ride, especially in larger sizes.

In general I'd rather see some additional sizes added (or added back in some cases) to existing models rather than more and more models. I understand that it's easier to get kids excited about "Superdoohicky Hats" or whatever other nonsense they feel like cooking up but I'd rather just have more 22" and 24" rides, 15" and 16" hats, and some larger and smaller crash sizes. When Sabian began cutting size options from the catalog a few years back they seemed to drop most everything I was interested in.

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