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Default Re: Sabian Cymbal Vote 2014 - Live!

Originally Posted by CreeplyTuna View Post
Is it just me or are the Frequency Hats super quiet? Maybe it's the mixing, but you'd think Sabian would want the cymbals to be the most prominent sound, not Chad Smith's snare. Which does sound sexy, I'm not gonna lie.
Yeah, I'm not a fan of the Freqs in general- the attack of the closed hats does come through but there's not a lot of sound when they're open.

I'm surprised the Sick Hats sound as alright as they do, though I still like the HHX Compression Hats that never won. The AAX Groove Ride seems pretty nice too, though with that, the X-Plosion Ride, and the Bash Ride, that crash-ride type seems a little saturated.

I'll get to hear them in person at PASIC, but from the videos it seems a bit lackluster in competition compared to last year. Ah well.
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