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Default Re: good drum rack for low price and cymbal talk

The DR-80 is a nice enough rack ..... sure has stood the test of time. It's been around since the mid-80's. The main thing it lacks is adjustability. The tubes are square, and the clamps only allow you vertical, and horizontal pipe positioning. The more advanced Icon uses a clamp (if you buy it) that will tilt. PCX-200. Also, the height of the horizontal bars of the DR-80 are fixed. I had the larger DR-100 (same basic design), and I gigged with it for 10+ years. Pearl evolved the DR-100 into the Icon. The DR-80 hasn't changed.
Best bet would be sketch out your "planned" drum set configuration. Think about your needs. And possible future needs.
As far as China's, go out and play some. They vary greatly. I have 3. A Zildjian Amir II, that sounds totally rude and abrasive ..... A Paiste 502, that almost has a gong like quality ..... and a Masterwork Custom, that falls somewhere in-between (and much more old school).
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