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Default A tale of two Iron Cobras

Hello everyone I thought I would provide long term feedback on some Tama Iron Cobra pedals I have. A couple years ago I purchased the single version of the Iron Cobra Power glide. I used this for just about every gig I had until I left it at a venue....and it vanished.

Luckily I have insurance on my gear and got a check cut for a replacement. This time I decided on the Rolling Glide version. So here is my take:

Power Glide - It does what it says! The cam at the end is angled so that it accelerates the action of the beater against your bass drum head. This is great for some serious bass drum power playing without wearing out your foot. The downside was for the more sensitive playing situations. It was a very fast pedal in every sense and very robust. Only issue I had was the screw that holds the speado ring came out during a gig.

Rolling Glide - The cam on this one is round. I come from an old school (Camco) pedal background so I had been used to the round cam for a long while. Having replaced my Power Glide version with this one I found naturally it does not hit quite as hard. For me this is a non issue; I can lay hard onto a bass drum even with a cheap pedal. More importantly this pedal follows every nuance of my foot. It almost feels like a natural extension of my foot. I was playing 16th notes steadily at 92bpm within a few small adjustments. I had bursts up to 110 but I am still dialing it in.

With either version you could slacken up the spring tension for more controlled quiet playing. I feel overall that the rolling glide gives you the best situation for an all around pedal. To me it felt even better than a DW 5000, and 9000. I had a chance to play both pedals and they both felt heavier than the Iron Cobra.

What I found surprising was the lack of inventory at most music stores for the Rolling Glide. I called every Guitar Center in NC and none had any in stock. I ended up getting mine from Chicago Music Exchange.

For those on the fence I would highly recommend trying the rolling glide version. For those on a budget there is a 600 series version that has both cams!
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