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Default Re: Living in apartment or flat: solutions for practice?

Originally Posted by Bastille View Post
I went to UHaul and paid $70 a month for a climate controlled, 24 hour access and security, keycard entry storage unit where I would jam as loudly as I wanted, sometimes with a band, from midnight to 3 or 4AM a few nights a week. I am currently in the process of upgrading to a larger unit so that band practice is more comfortable.

One of the best decisions I ever made. No more neighbors/cops banging on the door or suppressed urges to jam at 11PM. If you really love playing, spend the money and allow yourself to play freely.
I also did this recently. I had a slightly larger unit that cost about $110 a month. I let it go because two nights a week I am working with my band at our practice space where we can be as loud as we want. Because my wife is working and I have a daughter I might go back to an E kit. Currently my house kit has mutes which help me get a decent amount of practice. I might throw some mesh heads and triggers on my jazz kit and use that as my "E" kit soon. I miss being able to mix my iPod into the mix.

But if you can I also prefer the actual acoustic kit. I had a great practice space in Germany where I could play at any hour and it was close to my house.
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