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Originally Posted by larryace View Post
BonzoBonham...Wow thanks for that poster!

Mini thread derail here, I'm sorry but I HAVE to mention this....The trio band that I have been in for the past 3 years? It's called the Don Evans Band. Yep, the same Don Evans credited on the poster. He is the New York guitarist mentioned in post # 6. He played, and is credited on, Billy Joel's first album, and he did the Piano Man tour. Obviously, he knows Rhys and has mentioned him in the past, that's why this thread caught my eye. I wasn't aware of Rhys other than Don mentioning him.

I can't believe I get to play with Don, he is THE best musician I personally know. Thanks for this. I am going to forward a link to this poster to Don. I am not sure if he is the guitarist pictured, as there are 2 guitarists mentioned. I don't think that's Don, but it might be. His looks have changed over the years. I forwarded it to him, and he will tell me if that is him. He should get a huge kick from this poster.
Don played guitar for Billy from 1973-75. He took over for Al when the Piano Man tour began.

Don, like Al was no slouch! I am in touch with Larry, the bass player and he told me Al was only 17 when he joined the band in 1971. is Rhys's page. Lots of rare pics from his 1971-72 tour with Billy, including ones he took himself (he is also a photography buff as well).

Is it just me, or was he the only guy to have a 14' crash mounted dead center on the top of the bass drum?
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