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Default Re: good drum rack for low price and cymbal talk

Originally Posted by charliejuson View Post
i have just recently bought a tama starclassic bubinga in silver snow racing stripe, i am looking to buy a drum rack and i want to spend between 100 - 200 on one, i want it to have 3 sides to it, i have seen the pearl dr 80 drum rack for 135 on so i may go for this but i need to know wether this is a good drum rack as it will be holding a fair amount of cymbals and 2-3 rack toms and possibly a floor tom or two in the future, your views would be much appreciated.


cymbals, i have just bought the sabian aax x-plosion cymbal set at the same time as my kit but i dont really like the hats or the ride and i want to get new ones, i like the look of the zildjian k/z 14" special hi hats (mainly because tre cool uses them) and the zildjian 22" ping ride. i mainly play rock, alternative and sometimes pop. also as i have a 16 and 18" crash, i would like to buy a 14" also, if you have any recommendations please do comment, every view will help.

i am currently selling the sabian aax 20" stage ride on ebay along with my old zildjian zbt hi hats, which i wish that i never put up but i need to pay the credit card bill off somehow haha! here is the link, they are both up for 210 but i am willing to go lower, just offer me a price on there if you would like them and i will seriously consider it. -

also i would like a 12" and 18" china, any recommendations? i have never owned a china cymbal, not even over the 8 years of playing haha!so i don't really know anything about them, any recommendations would be insanely helpful!

one more quick question, with the drum rack, where can i buy just cymbal boom arm things that will be able to attach onto the drum rack, thanks:)

For the china........I'd recommend looking into a Wuhan................they are extremely cheap and IMO sound like a "China" should. I know best buy has a 12" wuhan for around 13 bucks.

You should be able to find boom arms on ebay at a reasonable price.......just have to be patient and you'll find some decent deals
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