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Default Re: Need help with finger technique

After watching your video I clicked on this link here.

pretty much exactly how I play when I am playing faster. My wrists and hands don't really move, just the fingers (unless I'm using accents, which then I do kind of a push pull/moeller hybrid i suppose) . I have never seen anyone move there thumb so much like in your video to be honest. I wonder if there is benefits to this? My imagination is saying that speed wise you could get faster that way, but power and control would be lacking, because your not allowing the stick to bounce as much...

In JoJo Mayer's dvd he said he would hold his pointer finger to make sure it didn't move and was just relaxed. This helped me get more control. Maybe you can hold your thumb too?

After re watching the video again, I noticed I play exactly opposite to this dude. My right hand thumb arches like his but my left thumb is more flat against the stick.

Also it took me about 2 years of practicing finger control (without proper lessons) to get to where I am at today. And for a while I used to practice everyday for 2-3 hours at least. I feel I've seen almost every popular video on finger technique on youtube (until someone links me one lol, it's amazing how many there are). I also still feel I have light years of practice ahead of me.

I feel like in the past month or two i've made some decent progress by just practicing this exercise called Sanford Double Beat.
When you practice this, make sure all of your strokes sound even, and your hands are relaxed.

You may want to watch this video first

I know it doesn't directly apply to your finger technique. But it should help you gain more wrist control.

I practice 8 on a hand and the sanford double beat everytime I sit behind the kit now (with both feet and hands).

You don't even need fingers until a certain bpm(i think individually this would differ). Like I'm pretty sure at 70 bpm I would use almost all wrist unless we're getting into sextuplets or 32nd notes. I think for straight 16th notes I would just use moeller or just a standard velocity stroke.

There is a wide range of techniques I go through as the speed increases...but finger technique is pretty much last for me. I always try to play as "lethargic" as possible. As little effort as needed. But everyone is different.
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