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Default Re: Impossible to find driven musicians that's not already pro?

I ran into problems like dazzlez early on in my quest to be a musician. I used to play guitar and sing and front a band and I was having a lot of trouble with getting a decent group together. Whenever it seemed like I finally had suitable musicians, someone would drop out and then I'd spend frantic weeks looking for someone else. A jam where someone comes and tries out and fails is just a wasted day, as far as I was concerned.

Eventually, it dawned on me that no one was as motivated as I was in the band, I'd be booking studios for practice, sharing notes and tablature, networking with everyone to make sure things were going in a mutually agreeable direction, trying to make contacts and sign shows, spending money on studio equipment to put together a demo recording.

And what did I get? A bunch of guys that would show up late, without practicing or not show up at all. I finally blew up one day, threw everybody out of the band and started to work solo.

I bought myself a drumkit, later I bought a bass. It has turned out to be a very enjoyable decision. Playing more than one instrument gives you an understanding of the interaction between different instruments and the spaces each of them fill in music.

Counting on other people to achieve your own goals is just asking for trouble, in my experience. In that sense, while dazzlez should keep looking for like-minded musicians, I'd also suggest looking at another instrument like the guitar to broaden your musical horizons and pursue your own dreams.

Above all else, don't stop moving. Let everyone else waste time. Just not your time \m/
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