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Default Re: Impossible to find driven musicians that's not already pro?

I'm going to +1 everyone here. I am a forty-something career educator working 50+ hours a week, finishing up my second degree, and with a family. And when I was young, I was just as hungry and into music as you. But the real world has a way of impinging on people's priorities, you know, bills, that crazy having to eat thing...

For a lot of people who experience said real life on a regular basis, they approach their hobbies as, you know, hobbies. Things they like to do to relax and unwind. At times they may not do them to professional standard (especially music), but they like to do it and it's fun and relaxing.

Then along comes a guy who wants to play only serious music, demanding four hours of practice a day and nothing less than perfection. Your typical hobbyist musician is gonna avoid such a person like the plague.

The good news is, there are such musicians out there, but they are not many, and there's still a generous number of flakes leavened in amongst them. Experience will help you weed those out.
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