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Default Re: Impossible to find driven musicians that's not already pro?

Originally Posted by dazzlez View Post
Any tips on how to find driven people that also practice/work on new material at least 4 hours a day while having a normal day job and more if they don't work/study...

...just a matter of finding the right people (crazy, highly intelligent dreamers without a family & stressful job that's willing to sacrifice their lives for the art) well maybe it is impossible to find those people =/
There are plenty of dedicated, ambitious players out there, but you have to allow each to handle that dedication on their terms. Demanding 4 hours a day simply to demonstrate their drive or ability, is expecting a lot from most people.

All they really need is to be able to play, have a pro attitude, and the desire to work towards success with like-minded players. As soon as you start imposing a 4-hour requirement, you're going to lose a lot of potential brilliant players, as well as attract some overly-fanatic players, which brings its own problems.

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