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Default Re: Hi-Hat Stepping (Lift & Close on every beat)

This is turning out to be an interesting thread. I do think that using the hi-hat and treating it as though it has 'its own voice' makes a groove sound much more interesting.

I have been practicing this morning and think that I have made some serious progress with left foot independence. I followed the instructions of starting with regular foot up and foot down on the hi-hat, then introduced the bass drum on 1 and 3.

Once I could play that consistently, I moved on to playing hi-hat in the same fashion without the bass drum and introducing snare on 2 and 4.

Then once I managed that consistently, I moved on to playing it all together.

After that, I managed to introduce a double bass drum on 2 and. I was surprised when I realised that I wasn't trying to close the hi-hat at the same time as the second bass drum beat.

I think I am able to really get cracking from here.

Keep sharing your views on the topic of hi-hat and how best to use it dynamically.
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