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Default Re: Living in apartment or flat: solutions for practice?

Originally Posted by sciomako View Post
Pearl Rhythm Traveler which includes additional mesh heads and plastic cymbals for practice.

I remember the first time I moved after I started playing drums, my parents and I moved into a condo that shared both sides with other units. I don't remember how but I acquired some Pearl Rhythm Traveler heads (I don't remember buying them so they might have been given to me) and putting them on my kit (12-14-20) and it worked for a while... I think I had a foam-rubber pad for my snare. The mesh heads had realistic response and everything. I had something like 'cymbal sleeves' for my hi-hat and ride (they basically encased the cymbals in rubber, deadening them) and I peeled the foam-rubber off the 'practice cymbal' and put it on a 16" B8 crash to deaden it. We lived there for at least a year and half and I don't remember how long I used that stuff, but I was able to keep playing for the most part.

I played mostly during the day, and I would basically not play at night, unless very lightly or only for a few minutes. I only remember one time where the neighbor banged on my wall for me to stop. No one came over to complain, however. I think they were mostly out of the house working during the day so it didn't affect anyone.

Actually, lol, this makes me wonder if I could use this setup where I live now... I haven't played regularly in 5 years, god knows I need it. =)
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