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Default Re: Living in apartment or flat: solutions for practice?

I'm playing on a e-kit at home and take lessons once a week +jam with a band once a week. It has made me used to both sets. In the beginning it was really hard but now I play the electronic more like an acoustic... (Play much harder, especially on the pedals!)
Before I was jamming with people I used to go to a studio by myself for 2-3 hours every week just to get used to the feel. There are a lot of studios in big cities with special solo drum rates.
If you go for electronic try to get a set that goes with a normal bass pedal and hi-hatstand+pedal. It will be more expensive but your foot-technique benefit a lot from it and you can use the pedal when you go to a studio to practice on a real kit.

If it's not too noisy I would go with a real kit + silence pads and forget about the e-kit!
I don't have any experience with it but my friend lived in a flat and seemed to survive the neighbors with'll have to research that one.
Whatever you do, don't buy the cheapest e-kit with shitty pedals, your feet needs as much practice they can get on nice pedals...
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