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Default Re: Covers vs Originals... Help required !!!

Originals can be a hard sell - unless you have great songs and develop 'a following'... bar owners are hesitant to hire a band that plays all originals unless they can guarantee the band will bring people in.. so you need to have a full promo package/cd/mp3s etc. to grease the wheel. Starting out expect to be playing for ashtrays and little money.. but if you've got what it takes then go for it. Other wise being a great cover band is the fastest way to get up and running and playing live for people that 'recognize the tunes'..

One strategy to get there is to play mainly covers and throw in a handful of your best originals into the mix.. then try to sell your orginals on CD at the events.. and hopefully build a following..

The other one is to create a polished recording and a viral video to go with it - to draw attention to yourself..
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