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Default Re: Living in apartment or flat: solutions for practice?

Check out the storge space rentals in your area...and look for one that does not have expressed restrictions on noise in the contract.

Rent one, practice there.

With years of experience in this area, i found that you do not get a real practice of acoustic set skills on an e-kit....has alot to do with how you hear it...and, of course, how the stick/bass pedal rebound...and NOTHING replaces real cymbals - the flex in the metal and transitioning back to the flex of the various drum heads- a load of subtly is lost.

Don't get me wrong - you can develop some interesting skills on an e-kit that can mostly translate to an acoustic set...but the loss between the 2 is significant in my opinion.

Truly, we should be practicing on both....and practicing explicitly on what we plan to use in performance...hopefully as close to the performance environment/actions as possible.

(btw, I find the same restriction of applicable practice crossover between pads and a real acoustic set).
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