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Default Re: Hi-Hat Stepping (Lift & Close on every beat)

I would like to thank you all for your advice. I think the response below most closely matches the answer to my question, so thank you! Now I must go away and nail this.

Originally Posted by BradGunnerSGT View Post
One thing that I learned to do early on is to rock my foot from heel to toe in order to open/close the hats when keeping time (2&4 with the snare or quarters, or even upbeats in a funky closed/open beat). Once you get the hang of that, then you can learn later to just to the "toe" part if you want to play heel up.

Try this:

Assuming you are using the standard "right handed" setup with your left foot on the hi-hat and right foot on the bass drum pedal, sit somewhere away from your drums at first. Start with your left (hi-hat) heel on the ground and then rock your foot so that the toe is on the ground and your heel is up. At all times either you heel or your toe touches the ground.

Count yourself off (slowly!) out loud and play quarter notes with your toe, and the upbeats with your heel. After a while, add in a 1 and 3 "bass drum" with your right foot. After a while, add in a 2 and 4 by tapping your left leg with your left hand, and then add in the "time" by tapping eighth notes on your right leg.

Once you get a basic pattern down, keeping a little "extra time" on the hats is easy. You can do the same thing on 2 and 4 by rocking your foot to the heel on 1 and 3 and the toe on 2 and 4.
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