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Default Re: Axis e-kit vs Trick laser trigger

That's the part that intrigues me about the Trick triggers. At first I assumed that when you move the beater past a certain point, you break the "laser" and a sound is triggered in your module. But the way it works (and I say this with no freaking clue about whether it works) is that when the beater STOPS moving after moving into the laser area, the sound is triggered.

If all is as advertised, I'm assuming that would eliminate the need to set up the trigger for use on different drums. I know on the Axis e-kits, you have to do some basic setup to ensure that those hammers strike the trigger box at the right time. No idea how long that takes or the intricacies involved, do you have to use a drumkey or screwdriver, etc.

Is the same applicable for Trick? No clue, but on paper it looks damn sick for a triggering system.

I would suggest you DON'T do a VS video simply because it will just agitate a lot of people. No one wants to be told their stuff is second-best. What would be cool is if you do a head-to-head of the pedals, demonstrate the features side-by-side and explain what you like about both. You could conclude saying you like pedal X or Y of course, that what makes these videos interesting to a lot of people, but point out that pedal feel varies from person, your mileage might vary, so on and so forth.

I'd love to watch it! Post a link when the video is done!
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