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Default Re: Covers vs Originals... Help required !!!

What I mean is those are the basic compositions of any song. Unless, obviously, the singer is doing acapela vocals, then really only a melody is required.

You basically made my point. If you are just writing lyrics and waiting for somebody to come up with the melody line, you have not actually written lyrics, you have written a poem. If you write lyrics with a melody and your guitarist comes up with a rhythm to compliment that melody, now you have a song. The question is, who in your band can write those complimentary parts. Now with two guitarists you will generally need one guitar playing a rhythm and another guitar playing a melody that also fits your vocal melody. (I think writing lyrics first is the wrong way to write songs, but I guess when I write a song that people have actually heard my opinion will mean someting.) I truely believe writing a good song is one of the hardest things to do in the world.

My point is that your band, as a collective group, may not have the ability to write melodies and rhythms that compliment each other in a way that is musically pleasing. In that case your rhythm guitarist may have a point, you should stick to covers until you learn how to write songs. On the other hand, you may be coming up with some great songs and your guitarist needs to either get on board or get out. That is really only a decision your band can make.

BTW, I speak in broad generalizations because I dont know you or your band. These are just my experiences from 25 years of playing in both cover and original bands.
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