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Default Re: Yamaha Stage Custom - skin recommendations?

Originally Posted by Julian View Post
I'm also new to this drumming melarcy and have been playing a Yamaha DTXpress II for the last 3 years, upgrading the electronic cymbols and using a proper Hi-Hat stand.
Yesterday I took the plunge and purchased a Yamaha Stage Custom Nouveau kit and love the acoustic set but intrigued to see the recommendations for G2 batters and G1 reso heads.

As the Yamaha kit is supplied with the Yamaha REMO single ply heads, is it worth just changing the Batters for a set of say Evans G2 heads and stay with the Yamaha single ply REMO reso heads, to get a more punchy sound for Rock?

You'll be fine for a while, but eventually (like after a year or so) change them out too.
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