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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

real name? Ken Knott

age? 17

how long been playing? about 4 years

origin of user name? my band, Koncentr8

top 5 drummers? KJ Sawka, Jojo Mayer, Terry Bozzio, David Garibaldi, Chad Sexton

make of drumkit? Pacific EZ in black (have the full five peice kit but only use the kick and floor tom)

make of cymbal? Zildjian, Sabian

where do you practice? on a pad, and on my kit in the extra garage in my house

are you in a band/s? yea, my band Koncentr8, live D'n' B/jungle /downtempo.
then my solo project, wich is me playing along to samples and basslines that i have made. (everything runs through my comp, cept my acoustic drums)

covers or originals? origionals

what style of music? D'n' B / Jungle/ Downtempo / Dub Jazz/ Nu Funk

favourite take out food? Chinese, or Italian

country? USA

one really odd fact about yourself? I like tuna salad sandwiches with katchup

how did you start drumming? One of my friends got a kit, so i started to play around on it, then a year later my parents suprized me with a kit, and havent been able to stop since!