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Default Re: Covers vs Originals... Help required !!!

Originally Posted by eclipseownzu View Post
I will put my $.02 worth here because I see several issues which you should address.

The first, and most important, issue is, can anybody in your band write a decent song? Do you guys, with very little combined experience, have the abilities to write coherent melodies, harmonies, rhythms, etc and put them together into a format that could be considered a song? If you do, and you guys like the way the songs are coming out, and your rhythm guitarist is still not onboard, then it is time to move on.


the bold part is something i want to touch a bit in particular. I can write ALRITE lyrics (that i know can come out good as a song); the other things, such as rhythms, melodies etc is something that confused me. if you could elaborate it a bit more. Because normally the one who writes the lyrics has a composition, i would want my rhythm guitarist first to come up with good rhythms over it (through playing and coming up with ideas NOT writing as yet). then we can work upon drums, bass and leads. ... !!!

I'd like to know what you mean by those words up there in particular, thanks :)
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