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Default Re: New Yamaha Live Custom Oak Set - Video and Initial Thoughts...

I don't plan to make another video immediately, but tonight I put the stock PS3 batter head back on and with the coated Ambassador reso head and Evans EQ pillow touching both heads, it sounds much better than with the SK1 (everything else the same.) The bass drum is more open and punchy - less dead sounding.

I also tuned the floor tom up a bit and it rings out much better. I didn't touch the rack tom at all, but for some reason, it sounds better to me today too. LOL

My ears are shot, since I've been playing quite a while this evening, so I may change my opinion another day. :)

I gotta admit that this set didn't tune up as easily as others I've owned. I've learned to tune better the past few months and can normally get a set tuned up fairly quickly. But this one took a little time.

I absolutely love the quality of the hardware, the finish is much cooler than I ever thought, the sizes are great, and it's very comfortable to play. Everything is setup exactly how I like it and I'm a big fan of the tom mounted to the bass drum (for ease of setup more than anything - placement is nice too.)

I'm very happy with this set, but the tone is a little "harder" and "punchier" than the mostly maple kits I've owned and it took a while to dial in the tuning.

All in all, I'm really happy with the set. I had three gigs schedule in the past week and all were cancelled, because the singer lost his voice. So I haven't been able to use this live yet, which SUCKS!
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