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Default Re: Pre-recording woes

Originally Posted by eclipseownzu View Post
Don't sweat knowing the songs yet. I have been in situations where we wrote the songs in the studio. You will have time once the recording is done to spend some quality time practicing along with the tracks. Another trick I have used is to get a drumless track from the engineer and play along with that.

As far as the engineer acting as a producer, remember it is up to the band to use or discard his advice. Don't let him bully you into making changes you are not comfortable with.
I got the iphone recordings we did with the new changes just about an hour ago and now I hear where the changes are much clearly now. It's just mind boggling during that moment or so that as we were making changes I literally almost fell into song oblivion. I wish my group charted but the way they write songs is through the software Reason and usually they have a drum rhythm in mind (which helps me) and then I add in my own flavor. Granted I should probably chart the measures that they have but that changes like how you change socks.

I don't have any problems with producer input, I actually welcome it. I don't have a huge ego like some guys I know who will not budge one bit. He doesn't take credit for anything that he inputs (as far as I know).
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