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Default Re: The death of retail music stores

Originally Posted by cc322 View Post
Had a great drum store out here in Ca that closed a few years back called west coast drums, The place and the people were awesome. Bad economy and sign of the times via internet sales forced them to shut down after almost 40 years in business,,,,,sad!!
I was saddened to learn a few months ago that West Coast Drum shut down during my unplanned/unwanted hiatus from drumming. I used to go there all the time for sticks, heads, parts, hardware... the occasional cymbal... Joe, Darren, Scott, Charles.... wonder where they all ended up.

So I'm just sitting here waiting 2+ weeks for a Cascio Interstate Catalog instead...

Though we still have Jim's Music, which started in Irvine and is now in Tustin. Never got to know those guys too much, and they don't discount too well. This is why the internet will always win.
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