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Default Re: [DESPERATE] Need help with finger technique

Ok, here's how I learned/teach, and you'll hear a lot of different approaches here.

My basic grip does not change at all between French, German and American - all I do is rotate my wrists. But - when I'm using fingers in French, my grip changes - somewhat likes yours, but with my thumb not so far forward. Fulcrum is on the index finger, first joint. But to reiterate - If I'm playing wrists in French, my grip is the same as German and American, just my thumb is on top (i.e.- you can have a middle finger fulcrum in French).

IMO, working the larger muscles first by using your wrists is the first step, before getting into finger techniques. Also, in the beginning don't think about fulcrums, just hold the stick the same way for each grip - within each grip you can have a few different fulcrums, so it's a lot to take in, early on. Plus, a lot of the different fulcrums will end up happening naturally anyway, without even thinking about it.
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