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Default Re: New Yamaha Live Custom Oak Set - Video and Initial Thoughts...

Originally Posted by JesusMySavior View Post
You're talking to the pimp. Ha. I flip a lot. I play a lot of instruments so I kind of have a gear addiction. I have a mic locker with over 2 dozen mics, below that SEVERAL boxes and totes and bags of various cables, cords, extensions, and parts; I have enough batteries and adapters to make an engineer blush... I've owned close to 100 stomp pedals since I started playing guitar, I have 13 on my board right now and a couple in the cabinet... I have 8 guitars, 2 basses, 6 amplifiers (most of them Marshall and Mesa), PA gear including tons of mic stands, I have an entire rolling tote cabinet of sets of guitar and bass strings, probably over 40 pairs of drum sticks, two full drum sets with their own cymbal set ups, and a whole rig of recording gear and studio monitors.

In my lifetime I've owned 30-40 guitars or so, a few dozen amps, and who knows how many cymbals. I used to buy gear and flip it, sometimes I'd make pure profit on it and buy two guitars with the one I's a buyers' market now though. but it's amazing when you find something like an Epiphone guitar with the Gibson headstock design...and someone says it's a piece of junk and you buy it for next to nothing and throw it on eBay for $400... or the crazed kid who needs a pack of smokes and sells you his Peavey Raptor for exactly that much, or the guy who needs money for rent so he sells you his halfstack for $100... yeah...these are all true stories,

I drive my wife crazy because it's never enough - it's a fault of mine but I remind myself at least it ain't drugs! ;-) Nah, but really... I try to keep it within reason. It is hard when you find things on sale though, I am crazy for deals!
Yep, I'm the same! Guitar has been my primary instrument since 1985 and you wouldn't believe the amount of guitar stuff I've gone through. I can't even remember most of it. (LOL)

Played bass for years too and same story. Now it's on to drums. Drum gear is a little cooler, because of all the possible configurations with hardware and stuff. FUN STUFF! :)
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