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Default Re: Strange little professional problem

Hi folks,

Thanks for all of the replies, confirming what I already thought. I've since emailed the whole band and politely outlined how I would not expect to pay for rehearsal space. They were very amicable, understood the situation, and the band leader has said he understands, and was just an absent minded mistake.

The gig doesn't pay much anyway. As ocdrums said, if it paid loads, I'd have no problem chipping in, but it's just about a day's wage for the gig.

Anyway, they seem to be fine with it. I said if they wanted me as a permanent member, then I'd happily chip in, but not as a dep.

I'll look into the paperwork more. I've used contracts before, but don't usually bother for smaller gigs. I might make it standard form to provide a contract, whatever the gig.

Thanks again.
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