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Default Pre-recording woes

My band is about to record two songs with a local guy who runs a studio. Pretty decent equipment and is giving us a good price. The first song is more of our radio-friendly hit that our audience enjoys and dances to. The second song is a more complicated, longer in length, and basically fits the personality of our band.

Yesterday we had a pre-recording meeting with him. A few days ago we sent him a raw recording of the two songs just so he knew what songs he was going to work with and also jot down some of his ideas he had in mind. Well, we started with the complicated song and he added some stops here and there that rest of the band seemed to dig. He suggested that I simplified the chorus beat (which I thought was simple enough as it is). However, I made it more 'driving' and it sounded like it fit better. We got to the radio-friendly song and that's when all hell broke loose for me. It's basically not the same song since nearly a minute of it has been cut out and so many stops and rests were added. Now it seems like a brand new song and my mind is cluster-f*ck whenever I try to play it. I wish I had the clips uploaded on soundcloud or something. I'm more of a feel player and whenever it comes to stops or rests I always seems to jump the gun - either too early or too late. Mind you, we made all these changes within a couple of hours and I haven't really had time to fully practice the new versions.

if TL:DR - how do I get better at stops and rests as a feel player.
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