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Default Re: Hi-Hat Stepping (Lift & Close on every beat)

Practice. And then practice some more.

To start, play the money beat: 8th notes on the ride, kick on 1 and 3, and snare on 2 and 4.

Use a metronome, and go reeeeeeealy slowly as you add the hi hat part with your left foot. Youíll probably have to start so slow that it wonít seem musical at all to you, but thatís okay. The point here is not to make music, itís to get your brain doing 4 things at once.

Once you can do that, speed it up a tiny bit at a time. Like over many days/weeks/months.

Eventually--with regular practice--youíll get there. There really are no shortcuts, and remember that every single drummer youíve ever seen started out not being able to play at all.

Go for it!
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