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Default Re: Axis e-kit vs Trick laser trigger

I plan on make a VS youtube video..

people will hate me... Axis fanboy's especially. or anyone that has been convinced one is better than the other... they both have features I prefer

that being said. Pedals are unique to everyone.. I'd like to try tricks to see how they work as that laser trigger system gets me pretty excited. but i find the Ddrum/roland triggers to be the most accurate.

the ekits and trick triggers are set to the pedals. so if you move your pedal / diff bass drum they could be off timing.... my red ddrum pro trigger on my kick is always 100% on time.

I figured I would hate the demons too.. they are ugly.. but I always go function over form.. id rather it play well than look nice. plus they hit SO much harder than the axis.... smoother too.
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