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Default Re: Vintage WFL Ludwigs, need info, advice

What a shame someone altered those drums.By drilling all the extra holes,they devalued the kit buy 35 to 50% of what a collectable set would go for.

The snare is a Barrett Deems model,which later became the Jazz Festival.The snare is the most valuable drum you have there,and that along with the floor tom,would still be in collectable condition

The white marine pearl wrap,looks to be in good shape,and even the bass drum hoop inlay is original.

The mounted tom was added sometime after the bass floor tom and the dates are with in a few months of each other ,thats fine ,but the big drawback is the extra holes and non original hardware.

You can't undrill a hole

So what you have there is a players kit,with a collectable snare drum.The value of the kit as a whole,isn't going to be anywhere near that a non pieced together,unaltered kit would be.

Steve B
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