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Default Brian Tichy (Foreigner)

I'm looking through Drummerworld list of drummers and no Brian Tichy. I've been drumming since age 10. I am now 62. Rock is my game. So I THINK I can pick a good drummer when I see one. I watched this guy through a whole Foreigner concert. Thank goodness for once they also showed drummer performing instead of just the front man. After all people. The drummer IS the back bone and a BIG part of the show. DON'T HIDE AND IGNORE the dude (or gal). All I have to say is this Brian Tichy is not only one of the top drummers I've ever seen, (and I mean awesome), he is a GREAT showman. Even if there is a big selection of good drummers, most of them just sit like a lump and play. Maybe shake their big bushy hair or twirl a stick occasionally. And actually, when most do that, it's a cover up because they can't do much more than keep a beat. I absolutely loved watching Tichy. He flows with the song with outstanding movement and awesome licks. I just had to get this out there because he needs to be on the drummer list of rock greats. If you get a chance to see him play, please do. Youtube has a bunch on him. Watch one of his solos on Youtube. If someone can help get him on the drummers list, PLEASE DO.
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