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Default Re: Strange little professional problem

you definitely should not have to pay for rehearsals

as a matter of fact my services occasionally require payment for rehearsals....not always ...but depending on the gigs and the situation of hire it is occasionally the case

if you do end up paying for these two rehearsals it should be worked out that you are compensated for what you put out upon final payment .

just for future reference ...I had a basic little document drawn up by my lawyer presenting me as an independent contractor ...I don't always use it ...but if I suspect a situation like this may occur or if I am hired by someone I have not worked for before and the amount to be furnished is substantial I will have a signature required and it protects both parties.

the thought crossed my mind when this was recommended to me by a friend who is a lawyer that this would push away more work than it would secure payment for .......but the contrary has actually happened.
most I have used it with have respected the professionalism of the situation because the language of the contract protects them as well as far as my obligations to them. and in this day and age of the flakey musician it is comforting for those paying to have security .
I have had nothing but good experiences with the paper work .

and like I said I probably use it for 3 out of 10 jobs ....of course you are not going to pull out a legal document while planning gigs with buddies or people you have worked with a bunch already .
but this is not uncommon practice in the world of professional musicians.

this is a business we need to treat as such.....and if you make your living like I make mine then you need to protect yourself and secure payment for your services.

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