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Default Re: Killer Deal on MF for Nova sticks

On one hand one might be worried that half the sticks would have defects of some type, whether it's out of round, odd amount being lighter than most, possibly finished or unfinished that would cause blisters on the hands etc etc. Depending on what you end up getting most of them could be a waste. I have had to play while using "banana" sticks and let me tell you it sucks! I only had so much money and decided to buy some top name sticks which turned out the be the worst decision. I'll explain who the sticks were from below....

On the other I bought 5 pairs of Vater sticks and 2.5 pair were out of round and one pair were not even the proper length. I bought the Vater 1A's to check out which are supposed to be 17" and they were not. More like 16 3/4. TBH it's left a bad taste with Vater as not only did I not get a reply back from them about the issues but the sticks being out of round and especially the false advertising of sticks is very unprofessional. So honestly it can happen even with the major names.

I realize that the above complaint may seem trivial but honestly when you're paying $8 for just a pair of wooden objects you expect the products to be of tip top quality and especially be the length and width they claim it to be. I'll also say that the prices for sticks is a bit ridiculous. $45 freaking dollars for 5 pairs of wooden sticks after taxes honestly is just incredibly ridiculous! It should be at least half that.

Sorry for the rant as I know all you were doing is letting us know about a great deal on sticks but I felt the need to say this.
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