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Default Strange little professional problem

Just wanted a little input.

As a professional drummer (simply meaning I make my entire living from drumming of some kind), I am playing a gig next week with a blues band at a local festival, as a dep. I've played with the band before, some time last year, and got th call again the other week to dep for them again at the upcoming festival.

Anyway, we had our first of two planned rehearsals last night, just running through the set list to make sure we were all on the same page, no problems. At the end, the main guy, who admittedly is a bit absent minded, started working out the cost of the practice room, and came up with a four-way split between the four of us. I found this very unexpected; as a dep, I wouldn't expect to pay for rehearsal space in the lead up to a dep gig, and didnt have any money with me.

Afterwards, I had a quiet word with a few of the other members, and said I wouldn't usually expect to contribute to rehearsal costs as a dep and a full-time working drummer. They were cool about it, but the band leader had left by this point.

What are people's thoughts about this? I have another rehearsal with them on Monday, and don't want to find myself in that awkward position again. Am I wrong in thinking professional deps shouldn't pay for rehearsal space?

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