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Default Covers vs Originals... Help required !!!

Hello trusted members, hope all's well.

Some imp info regarding my band members:
Me - drummer. Playing for almost 18 months. Interested in making original songs
Lead guitarist - same as mine
Rhythm guitarist: new to the band; playing for almost the same time. Good player. Wanting covers as he thinks it will help us gel together as a band (i dont particularly disagree)
Vocalist: new to the band, still learning. Would do either but a bit inclined towards originals

The problem is we need the rhythm guitarist, i like his playing. Only that he wants to do more covers and we as a band (me, the lead guitarist and the old vocalist/rhythm guitarist) have done some covers before and want to focus more upon originals.
How to tackle this problem as i myself am itching to keep working on a couple of originals butthe rhythm guitarist wont put in the heart as he doesnt believe we can do something good in originals.

We have decided now that we'll focus upon one cover and one original at a time but still i can tell that the rhythm guitarist is not fully convinced and hence would put in less heart which would not be of any help. What to do...? Any suggestions would be welcome

Also do you guys agree that covers are THE only way a band can really gel together or trying different new stuff can help just as much ( im more inclined towards the latter btw) ..
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