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did you look at the Evans J1 Etched heads ? i am in love w/ them right now. last year was coated Diplomats

i actually outfitted Fiberskyn Diplomats on my jazz kit about 2 years ago. the only thing i liked was the 20" Ambassador head as a resonant front head (nice NICE tone w/ a PS3 coated as batter, wide open).

but over-all, as a guy who runs everything extremely wide open for jazz, i hated the Fiberskyns. even the Diplomats seemed to thuddy / thick. i also hated the brush feel / sound. i felt like i was playing on a smooth plastic head. i am just too used a coated head. what Jeff Hamilton does on Fiberskyns is truly amazing. when he plays them, they sound thin / responsive.

i now run the Evans J1 Etched head on my snare & toms. Brush sound on it is just amazing & smooth sounding. easy to play very sensitively & "break in" period needed RE a fresh coated head & brushes (sounds like white noise). why i went away from coated Diplomats.
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